Maharashtra State Nandurbar District Police Nandurbar Police

Shri. Jageshwar S. Saharia

Shri. P.R.Patil (I.P.S)

District Supredent of Police

Rights and duties of citizens

• It is the duty of a citizen to obey the law, to keep the peace and to assist the police.

• By helping the police the citizens help to preserve the rights and freedom of other members of society.

• The responsibility for the maintenance of law and order rests on the citizens.

• The police perform the function of law enforcement on a full time basis on behalf of society. Citizens are expected to perform this role on a part time basis.

• It is the duty of citizens to give relevant crime related information to the police and to assist the police in preventing breach of peace.

• Citizens will not shelter or harbor any proclaimed offender.

• Citizens have the duty to render evidence in a court of law.