Maharashtra State Nandurbar District Police Nandurbar Police

Shri. Jageshwar S. Saharia

Shri. Mahendra Pandit (I.P.S)

District Supredent of Police

Traffic Rules

Nandurbar district has sanctioned traffic branch at Nandurbar, Sahada ,Akkalkuwa,Akrani,Navapur and Akrani City. The traffic branch monitors the traffic and ensures the smooth and free flow of traffic. Nandurbar City traffic branch is headed by the officer of the rank of police inspector. He is assisted by one API and PSI and staff.

Rules about your safer life:

Right from the historic times roads have been an integral part of of human beings. The importance of road have increase with development of civilization and increase in the number of vehicles. However, in recent times we find that the number of road accidents are increasing causing sever loss of life and property. Hence there is an urgent need to educate road users to avoid accidents. In this leaflet, some important tips on road safety are given for observation by all road users.

• Drive only if you are a competent driver with a valid license.

• If you are not competent enough, then learn driving in an authorized driving training school.

Road Dividing Lines:

• These marking are done to divide a road, not divided by elevated dividers, into two parts.

• As per rule, you should always drive in the left side of the road.

Lane Marking:

• These marking are done by white dotted lines and divide the road or part of the road in different lanes.

• Stick to your lane and change it only as per rules.

Stop Lines:

• These lines marked in white before traffic lights and Zebra crossings.

• Always stop before the stop line if the light is yellow or red.

Turning Lines :

These lines are in arrow form and painted in white indicate left or right turn or straight drive Lane Driving for Safety

The best way to be safe on the roads :

• Stick to your lane.

• Wherever available, bicycle riders and pedestrians should use bicycle tracks and foot paths.

• On multi-lane roads there are separate lanes for different vehicles and the drivers should stick to the drivers should stick to these lanes.

• Change your lanes only if you have to overtake some other vehicles or take right turn.

While overtaking, a driver must take the following steps:

• Check behind on your right and if there is no vehicle approaching you, move to the right side of your lane.

• Keep a following distance sufficient enough to permit acceleration, signal right and move ahead of the vehicle you have to overtake.

• After securing sufficient distance from the over-taken vehicle, signal left and change direction gently.

• Never overtake a vehicle from left.

• Never overtake a vehicle which is already overtaking some other vehicle.

• Follow rules 1 and 2 for right turn.

• Understand Traffic Lights and Signals- Be Safe

Traffic Light :

• There are three colors in traffic lights.

• Red light means mandatory stop.

• Yellow light warns you and tells you to prepare for halt, never try to cross the intersection when the light is yellow.

• Green means proceed ahead slowly after ensuring that no vehicle is crises-crossing.

Traffic Signals :

• All drivers must understand the signal of traffic constables and fellow drivers and honor them.

• Drives must understand the stop, move, left turn, right turn, go straight of slow down signals of the traffic constable and fellow drivers on the road and act accordingly.

Night Driving

While driving during nights you must follow the following rules:

• Do not indulge in overspending.

• Hon our all traffic signals and signs.

• Keep your headlights on but use dipper to see and be seen.

• Two wheeler drivers, cyclists and pedestrians must use light colored clothes during night to be seen clearly.

• Do not look at the headlight of an oncoming vehicle.

• While parking your vehicle during night, make sure the parking lights are on.

Besides above conditions, there are several circumstances when a driver is required to react to the situations on the road. So follow them also.

• Always allow fire brigade, ambulance and police vehicle to pass.

• Never lit a cigarette while driving or going for refueling at petrol pumps.

• Never alight from your car on the road side.

• Allow non-motorized vehicles to pass by as they can not accelerate their speed or maneuver swiftly.

• Always help pedestrians, handicapped and children in their movement on the road.

• Never blow your horn unnecessarily. Use it as an emergency device.

• Do not carry inflammable materials in your vehicles as they can cause loss of life and property in case of accidents.