Maharashtra State Nandurbar District Police Nandurbar Police

Shri. Jageshwar S. Saharia

Shri. P.R.Patil (I.P.S)

District Supredent of Police

Mission Statement

"Nandurbar Police will remain committed to maintaining public order, preventing and detecting crime, maintaining and promoting communal harmony, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and taking strong action against terrorism, organized crime, anti-social illicit activities and all types of gunda elements. We will serve and protect all perticularly the downtrodden, the weak, women, minorities , senior citizens, slums dwellers, the poor and other marginalized sections of the societ. Promt and compassionate response to every call of citizens in distress. Making Nandurbar is safer and better place to live is our mission and we will work for this partership with the public".